One objective of programme management and coordination addresses the policy and regulatory environment. This is inline with global and national level guidelines and devolution. The essence of this objective is to provide a conducive environment for malaria control activities.

Objective 6 of the programme is to improve capacity in coordination, leadership, governance and resource mobilisation at all levels towards achievement of the malaria program objectives by 2018. The following strategies will be used to achieve this objective.

  1. Develop or update and disseminate policy as well as lobby for legislation and regulations to strengthen malaria control in Kenya.
  2. Strengthen procurement and supply management systems for malaria medicines and other commodities.
  3. Strengthening capacity for planning, partnerships, coordination and implementation at all levels.
  4. Strengthen resource mobilisation capacity to improve malaria control financing.




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Malaria Control Issue No 1

About 25 million of the total popuation of 33 million Kenyans is at risk of contracting Malaria. Each year about 34,000 children under 5 years of age die from malaria and about 8 million... Read More



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