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Strategic intervention: Malaria Case Management

The main objective of the case management strategic intervention is the provision of good quality, safe and effective treatment for malaria patients. It's objective as outlined in the Kenya Malaria Strategy 2014 – 2018 is to have 100% of all suspected malaria cases presenting to a health provider managed according to the national malaria treatment guidelines by 2018.

This objective will be achieved through the following strategies:

  1. Capacity building of health workers in malaria diagnosis and treatment at health facilities.
  2. Access to affordable malaria medicines and diagnostics through the private sector.
  3. Strengthening  community case management of malaria using the community strategy through Community Health Workers (CHW).
  4. Ensuring commodity security of anti-malarials and diagnostics in the public sector.

Treatment policy

Kenya changed her treatment policy to the more effective ACTs in 2004 in line with the WHO recommendations for the management of uncomplicated malaria. The policy was implemented in June 2006. The table below shows a summary of the treatment policy.

Table 1: Summarized Malaria Standard Treatment Guidelines

Condition Medication Strength Formulation
Uncomplicated malaria Artemether-Lumefantrine tablets packed differently for the different weight categories 20mg Artemether + 120mg Lumefantrine Tablets single dose packed for the different weight categories
Severe malaria   Artesunate 120mg Vials
Artemether Vials
Quinine 300mg Ampoule
Quinine dihydrochloride 300mg tablets
Quinine bisulphate 300mg tablets
Quinine Sulphate 300mg tablets
Quinine hydrochloride 300mg tablets
Intermittent Preventive Treatment Sulphadoxine/pyrimethamine 500mg Sulphadoxine + 25mg pyrimethamine Tablets
Prophylaxis non-immune visitors Mefloquine hydrochloride 250mg Tablets
Atovaquone – Proguanil adult 250mg Atovaquone + 100mg Proguanil
Atovaquone – Proguanil pediatric 62.5mg Atovaquone + 25mg Proguanil
Doxycycline hydrochloride 100mg
Prophylaxis for sickle cell disease patients and persons with splenomegaly Proguanil hydrochloride 100mg Tablets
Pre-referral treatment Artemether injection

80mg/ml adult

20mg/ml pediatric

Artesunate injection 60mg/ml
Artesunate rectal caps 100mg or 400mg Suppositories