Socio Behaviour Change


Social Behaviour Change (SBC) ACSM is the cornerstone that impacts on the utilisation of malaria control interventions SBC is anchored on the fourth objective of the Kenya Malaria Strategy 2019-2023. Malaria SBC aims at imparting knowledge and skills to the general public so that they can make informed decision and participate in malaria prevention, treatment and control activities. This intervention is implemented nationwide through the following approaches: advocacy; communication; community engagement and social mobilization.

Objective and strategies

The aim of the objective is “to increase utilisation of appropriate malaria interventions in Kenya to at least 80 percent by 2023” through the following four strategies namely:

  1. Scale up malaria advocacy at national and county levels for increased utilisation of malaria interventions
  2. Strengthen community-based SBC activities for all malaria interventions
  3. Strengthen structures for the delivery of malaria SBC interventions at all levels
  4. Strengthen programme communication for increased utilisation of all malaria interventions


The Malaria SBC policy guidance is articulated through the Kenya Malaria Policy which states that “The Government of Kenya shall ensure that everyone has access to appropriate accurate and culturally acceptable information about malaria prevention and management so that effective behavioural change and practises are achieved through multiple channels of communication”. The implementation of this objective is further guided by the Kenya Malaria Communication Strategy (KMCS) which is currently being revised to align with the Kenya Malaria Strategy (KMS) 2019-2023.

Key achievements

Key challenges

Sub optimal utilization of malaria control interventions.