Malaria Elimination

Objective 3:

To establish systems for malaria elimination in targeted counties by 2023.

Malaria Elimination strategies

In view of the shrinking malaria disease burden, and especially in low-risk areas, the country is establishing the requisite structures necessary to guide the implementation of sub-national malaria elimination. This is the first time the country has developed a strategic objective dedicated to Malaria elimination, and is in line with the Global Technical Strategy (GTS) to accelerate efforts towards elimination and attainment of malaria free status. It’s planned that the implementation of malaria elimination will begin sub nationally in targeted counties based on malaria incidence. Subsequently, this will be expanded to other areas. To achieve this objective, the following strategies are being implemented;

  1. Establish structures and capacity at the national and county levels to coordinate and drive the implementation of the elimination agenda;
  2. Develop capacity for malaria elimination;
  3. Establish active case detection, notification, investigation, and response systems for elimination in targeted counties;
  4. Strengthen quality assurance for diagnosis, treatment, and entomology to enhance surveillance;
  5. Strengthen communication and advocacy for malaria Elimination.

Main activities Carried Out